Mountains Of The Mind

I'm writing this post to share my experience in training this year. I set out with a purpose and mission to get fit for duty. The kind of work and duty that requires me to save the lives of others and possibly to save my own life.

Anyone who knows me knows I don't sit around for anything to fall on my lap. I wanted an aggressive transformation my life so I started training to see if I could pass the PAST test for Para-rescue (PJ) with the US Air Force Reserves.

Typical PAST test for a PJ unit includes timed events:

• 1.5 mile run under 10:20 minutes
• 500 meter swim under 12 minutes
• 2 x 25 meter under water swims / 50 
pushup/ 50 situp in 2 minutes / 10 pull-ups

After training for about 3 months I came to a plateau and started to look for other athletes and warriors I could train with and that's when I found @SocomAthlete on Instagram. It was lead by a former PJ named Jason Sweet out of Arizona. 

I took part in the "Half Hell Day" earlier in December and I was humbled to see that I wasn't the only one on a Friday night testing myself - 11 other dudes came out that night to get a small taste of the mental mountain a person must climb to be selected into the US Special Forces. You cannot be over prepared for the mental and physical requirements of getting beaten by a fatigued body, pebble rocks, sand and waves. I gained a new perspective on the level of commitment it takes to succeed in the selection process, respect for the young people who wish to become the elite of the elite and another level of respect for our heroes in our US Special Forces. 

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