Lions Vs. Gazelles

You read that right the first time. There are Lions and there are Gazelles in this world, and the current eco system proves that millennials are lazily relentless.

When the staff at Alpha GRX discuss what defines an alpha, Eric Thomas’s (ET) talk about his analysis of the Lion and Gazelle comes to mind. In case you were living under a rock, you would have come across one of ET’s motivational talks on YouTube at some point.

ET has arguably redefined what it means to light a fire within yourself to BE something great. One of his most notable talks is his illustration of what it means to be a lion and a gazelle in the wilderness. If you haven’t, take a quick pause and click here to view this video.

Lion vs. Gazelle = Millennial vs. Everyone else

In short, lions are on the offensive while gazelles fill a defensive role in the wilderness. Ultimately both animals must run to survive, however the mindset differs greatly between them. The food chain suggests that if the gazelle elects to live another day, it must run for survival. Inversely, if the lion chooses to survive it must hunt and eat the gazelle. The lion’s abilities must meet or exceed the gazelle’s will for survival, creating a beautiful balance of harmony. You’re probably asking yourself how this compares to millennials and what it means to be an Alpha; simply put, millennials have a hunter/stalker approach to business or entrepreneurship. It seems like more young people continue to top charts for millionaires under 35. Wealth Manager Team compiled a list of “The world’s top 20 cities for millennial millionaires”. There are 58,092 millennial millionaires between seven U.S. cities alone and is expected to steadily increase with emerging industries.

Alpha Mentality

The significance between the lion and the millennial are the adaptive behaviors to the environment. For example, the manes of male lions are key features that distinguish different species. John Marno reviews types of lions where it was found that the Masai lion are known to live at 2,600 feet above sea level, therefore their manes are thick and full, whereas the Tsavo lions live in the lowlands have little to no mane to manage heat. In short, this same adaptability is a common trait with the Alpha type. These are the people that wake up and hit the ground running because they understand that there is no such thing as a free lunch. As mentioned previously, emerging industries such as blockchain and cryptocurrency is calling to the masses of young creative minds to initiate the movement. So much in fact that the hardworking Generation X population have the discipline (and checkbook) to allow the millennial to create wealth through the world-wide web. For the small population of supporters from the Gen X community, is a bigger population that doubt the legitimacy and longevity of the system. The subject stirs controversy as it challenges the thinking of anyone with ideation wealth. Remember that time the TODAY show threw shade at the fastest growing technology for the time- the internet.  It’s still embarrassing to think about, but once upon a time there was a population of people who doubted the technology versus supported it.  We’ll call them the gazelles, and they see cryptocurrency the same way.  

At the end of the day, LIONS WILL STILL EAT.

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