FTAC Take Murph Challenge

Our ambassador Dicarie Williamson (Instagram @deedubz410) is an former F16 Mechanic and currently serving as an Army Officer in aviation.  He volunteers to train young Airmen participating in The First Term Airman Center (FTAC) program.  The program is implemented across the active duty USAF and is a week long course introducing Airmen to the Operational Air Force. 

The new Airmen are trained on what to expect, common issues, who to contact, and etc.  In addition to mandatory courses (sexual assault, suicide awareness, etc.), FTAC implements PT, critical thinking, and team building exercises. 

The Murph Challenge is their first PT Challenge which illustrates their current physical condition, how their condition effects the team, and promotes esprit de corp (honor LT. Murphy).

Congrats to this months Challenge winners:

A1C Quinton Collins
A1C Michael Augustus
Amn Stephanie Bills
A1C Kianna Lancaster
Amn Christopher Singletary

These Airmen did an amazing job and each will receive a t-shirt of their choice from our shop.


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