From AlphaGRX to The Way Through

What's happening to our name?

The Story: We applied for trademarks for AlphaGRX and were challenged by a company that claimed to own the word "Alpha" in the Industry of apparel. My first response was that it was absurd. 

Taylor and I wanted to fight it tooth and nail- just to show the world that it doesn't matter how small you are as a business and if you believed in the name that you should fight for it - especially if it against a large conglomerate business that doesn't stand for the same things you do.

They are a large company that used to make clothing for military but now make it for hipsters who want to wear vintage military goods as a fashion trend. F' Them!

Taylor and I wanted to fight it but our former business partners were not willing to risk it so out of respect for their wishes we bit our tongues and are in the process of buying all the shares of our business back from our current partners and changing our business from AlphaGRX to "The Way Through".

At the end of the day it's been a learning lesson for us. Actions we take both on the battlefield and in business have consequences no matter how noble the reason. We are running this business in efforts to give back to our veteran community of brothers and sisters who are still fighting on the home front. Its really that simple.

You'll find our stories are all about promoting veteran founded non-profits and here are just a few we will be highlighting and mentioning in our instragram stories.

You can donate to these non-profit causes today that are vetted and founded by our community of veterans - check out what they are about through the links below:

As we change our brand name from AlphaGRX to "" - thank you all for the continued support and for fighting with us as we push through this bump in the road.

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