21 Lessons On Raising A Leader

Here are a few points we can agree with! A prepared approach and adaptation from 52 Things Every Father Should Teach His Sons



1) How To Shoot A Gun

There are no excuses as to why you aren't the one to teach your children the laws of being safe around firearms and how to protect others from bad guys. While other kids are detached from the reality of life and consumed by video games your children will be ready when real fit hits the real shan!

2) The Power of Will & Determination

Your mind is your greatest asset and within it is the WILL, and the right attitude is the DETERMINATION, you can accomplish anything you set out to do. Make the commitment, be driven, do not waiver in the face of adversity, and you will reap the rewards of your effort. Give into adversity and quoting mentality and you can expect to be completely and totally AVERAGE.

3) How to Build Stuff

Not knowing how to use a hammer, nails, screwdriver would be highly embarrassing later in life when little Johnny has to fix and solve problems when you're not around. Don't teach them to rely on other people for everything. 

4) Children are our future! Teach Confidence!

A strong father will put his children first, he will teach his child(ren) the importance of stoic mindset & strength. He will teach them the importance of a “Yes, I can!” attitude and remove "Can't" in their vocabularies. Teach them how to stand up for themselves and never let someone take advantage of them. 

5) Trust is Earned, Not Given

Treat everyone with respect but never let your guard down. People in this world are out to eat the weak and if you show vulnerability they will feast.

6) Make Your Luck Through Hard Work 

Everything comes at a price and even Freedom requires sacrifice. Instill in him the true definition of luck and how it is a direct result of HARD WORK. The years of 15-25 will mark the rest of his life, it is imperative that he puts in the work to create his own LUCK. That can mean athletics, chores, yard work, farm work, work in the family business, or school work.

7) The Importance of Physically Fit

Keeping your body lean and mean shows pride in yourself and your abilities. Bonus: It also prolongs your life span! Crazy!!!

8) How to Swim

There are more bodies of water on this planet than there is land.  His life and or a loved one's life could depend on it. 

9) Competition is Great

If you play, you play to win. But always look back and help the next person in line, a powerful country comes from unity. 

10) Find The Opportunity

Within every challenge he must keep his eyes and ears open and ready to take advantage of opportunity. As an alpha man you do not wait for opportunity to present itself to you, you uncover it, seek it out and create it.

11) Know Who You Are

In all things: know thyself. You will live amongst other men who don't want to leave the "rat race" and covet the things you have, men who have not earned what you have - never forget that and never let your guard down.

12) Always Give 110%

Always aim above your target. Giving 100% puts you into a box of limiting beliefs and automatically puts you at a disadvantage. What will separate you from the 99% of society is the basic understanding of how the mind works - don't give into the limiting weakness of the mind.

13) Your Word is Special

If you say you will do something it is a must that you follow through. Never, ever be known as a liar or as a flake. Your reputation is special and must be kept in-tact.

14) How to Make Money on Your Own

Working for others to make them rich and you a pittance is what people working for money do. Making money work for you instead is how you grow your net worth. Instill the hustle. (Read "Rich Dad Poor Dad", you'll understand!)


15) Excuses are Useless

Excuses are useless.Always do as you say you will do and never give excuses as to why you didn't do something.

16) Excessive Apologies are Useless 

You know when you are wrong, give ONE sincere apology and get it over with! No need to apologize over and over again. Move on and continue to success.


17) Riding A Motorcycle

18) Surfing

19) Survival Tactics & Martial Arts

20) Hunting, Hiking, Climbing and Camping In The Wild

21) How to bring a vehicle safely back under control from a bad/out of control  situation

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